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9988 Dry Milk Powder for Adults

Daily Protein Drink/ Protein Supplement

600g (20 g X 30 ea)


  • Protein Supplement for a lively day
  • one stick per one day. easy to eat
  • Yogurt flavor

Recommended for

  • People who need to increase health and vitality
  • Adults who need protein to make and repair body tissues, such as muscle and skin. (Especially for the elderly)
  • People with insufficient protein in their diet


  • Serving Instructions
    For 1 glass, add 1 packet (20g) of dry milk powder to 150ml of warm water. Blend or use a whisk to mix until smooth. Drink once a day.
  • Suggested Use
    Consume before or after workout/ between meals/ after breakfast.
  • Safety Warning
    Due to the nature of high-protein products, denaturation of protein may occur when dissolved above 60 degrees. Please use warm water (30~40 degrees) to dissolve.
  • Storage Instructions
    Store at room temperature. Once opened, consume within 3 weeks. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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