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KBIC goes beyond Korea to the world.
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About Us

Welcome to KBIC

Thank you for your patronage and love of KBIC.

Because of all of you, KBIC has been able to continue to grow and develop.

KBIC (Korea Bio Industry) is pursuing the health and happiness of mankind by providing health and wellness products including cosmetic, health supplements and medical devices.

We pursue diversified and future-oriented business and management and continuously strive for a new product development and market development.

We will do our best to provide better products in the future.

Thank you.

Korea Bio Industry Corporation

  • Date of Establishment: Dec 1, 1999
  • CEO: Juwan Lee
  • Address
    51, Seogsui-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Suite 701, Zip 04781
  • What We Do
    Export and import business; 
    Manufacturing and selling cosmetics, health care products and medical devices