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Digital Bottle Warmer


  •     Bebemento Digital Bottle warmer heats bottles quickly, easily and safely.
  •     Accurate temperature setting is available and the temperature can be checked directly.
  •     Easy to operate (button type), easy to clean, normal heating button and quick heating button, you can adjust the speed.
  •     Certified by KTC (Korea Testing Certification) and National Radio Research Agency
  • Gently wrapped in a floral bouquet fragrance Enjoy a feminine finish.


  1. Add water inside of the warmer (110ml~150ml). Then place your bottle and press the power button to turn on the device. Choose heating mode. Adjust time and temperature.
  2. The temperature is set at 40C for warming bottle and 70C for heating food. Change the temperature if needed.
  3. There are fast heating mode and constant temperature mode to meet your different demands.