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Baby Folding Bath

(Color: Pink/Blue)


  •     Bebemento Folding Bath is a portable bathtub which accommodates infants and toddlers.
  •     It is foldable, space saver.
  •     Made with PP(polypropylene) + TPE(Thermo Plastic Elastomer) materials
  •     Temperature sensor & insulation. Drain changes color when water reaches 37C.
  •     Heavy duty quality for longer natural life span
  •     The safety button is attached so that it can be folded easily.
  •     Rounded corners designed for kids
  •     It is simple and convenient to use.
  •     Non-slip design on the bottom of supporting legs
  •     Stable and secure positioning


  • Can be used for both newborns and toddlers. 
  • Use it on a firm, level surface. 
  • Do not leave your baby alone when using the bathtub.


PP(polypropylene) + TPE(Thermo Plastic Elastomer)